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2018 Candidate Report

State Legislative Candidates' Responses to our Survey


Protect the Granite State mailed a survey to the candidates running for the New Hampshire state legislature, asking several questions relating to the Northern Pass project. 

Read our candidate questionnaire. 

We're happy to share their responses with you.  All of the candidates who have responded are listed below, in alphabetical order.  Click on a candidate name to see their response.

Don't see a candidate you're interested in?  That means we didn't get a response from them - but you can ask!  Please visit our Ask the Candidates page for tips and resources.


Candidate Results

Abel, Richard

Abramron, Max

Allard, James

Almy, Susan

Arcouette, Sylvia

Bailey, Rebecca

Balcom, John

Bean, Harry

Bedard, Todd

Bordenet, John

Bouchard, Donald

Burns, Scott

Burridge, Delmar

Burt, John

Cann, Amy

Camarota, Linda

Cannon, Gerri

Cartwright, Anne

Cleaver, Skip

Coleman, Patrick

Conley, Casey

Cook, Allen

Coppinger, Collin

Cordelli, Glenn

Cornell, Patricia

Courgue, Amanda

Cox, Terry

Darrow, Stephen

Delfino, Kate

Diggs, Francesca

Dohearty, David

Drew, Robert

Dzsrr, David

Ean, Pamela

Eisner, Mary

Faulconer, Rick

Feeney, George

Ford, Susan

Freitas, Mary

French, John

French, Elaine

Frost, Sherry

Gallager, Eric

Guido, Robert

Gulick, Ruth

Hamblen, George

Hanson, Clinton

Harris, Tom

Hatch, William

Hogan, Edith

Horgan, James

Horrigan, Timothy

Howard, Raymond

Hubbard, Pamela

Hutchinson, Rebecca

Hutsteiner, Paul

Johnson, Richard

Josephson, Tim

Kahn, Jay

Kanzler, Harrison

Karrick, David

Katsakiores, Phyllis

Kofalt, Jim

Levesque, Cassandra

Lewicke, John

MacGregor, Reta

Mann, John

Marple, Dick

Marrow, Greg

Martin, Patricia

Martins, Kathleen

McConnell, Jim

McGhee, Kat

McKinney, Betsy

McLaughlin, Patrick

McNally, Jody

Meirl, Chris

Melvin, Charles

Meuse, David

Miguire, Vincent

Moffett, Howard

Moulton, Candace

Myler, Mel

Nesbitt, Caroline

O'Brien Irwin, Virginia

Oxenhan, Lee

Peraino, R

Piedra, Iz

Rand, Steven

Reagan, John

Rodd, Beth

Roundy, Chris

Schmidt, Jan

Schuett, Dianne

Shapiro, Joe

Shurtleff, Stephen

Smiley, David

Smith, Suzanne

Sofikitis, Catherine

Somssich, Peter

Soucy, Dennis

Sowers, Chloe

Spanos, Peter

Sullivan, Brian

Sullivan, Timothy

Thomas, Wendy

Towne, Matthew

Urritia, Alejandro

Vail, Suzanne

Wall, Janet

Ward, Ruth

Welch, David

Weston, Joyce

Whitfield, Doug

Yanish, Marie