In keeping with their insidious strategy of hiding information from the public, at the end of last month Northern Pass Transmission and Eversource asked the Site Evaluation Committee to block two videos and other testimony from opponents of the $1.6 billion transmission project from being considered as evidence.

Why are Northern Pass and Eversource so afraid of SEC members and the public viewing this video that depicts the damage Northern Pass will do to the communities at the northernmost point of the proposed transmission line?  Watch it and you’ll understand why – it’s very powerful.

Fortunately for the public, the SEC this week denied Eversource’s and Northern Pass’s attempt to shut out this video, another video depicting the damage building the transmission line would do Plymouth, and the testimony of 13 witnesses.

This is not the first time Northern Pass and Eversource have tried to keep out testimony from citizens who oppose Northern Pass. They even moved to eliminate an elderly couple from participating in the SEC proceedings because the couple didn’t know they had to appear at a technical session. Is the case for Northern Pass so weak that the participation of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who don’t even have an attorney and are representing themselves, is such a threat?

And, even more disturbing, with the approval of the SEC, Northern Pass and Eversource have blacked out page after page of information in the report done by their economic experts, making it impossible for members of the public to analyze its findings. To the public, the report making the economic arguments for Northern Pass looks like this:

Experts at the Analysis Group who reviewed this report politely observed: “We have deep experience in reviewing reports on quantitative modeling studies where the authors go to great care to summarize assumptions, data inputs, and results.  The level of redaction here is categorically different from the norm.” 

Thwart the endless efforts of Eversource and Northern Pass to hide information from the public. Watch the video and then share it widely.