Hundreds of ordinary individuals devoted much of the last eight years to stopping Eversource’s Northern Pass transmission project from ever being built. Thousands of people across New Hampshire also took action to protect our state from serving as a giant extension cord to bring power to Massachusetts and Connecticut.

This hard work paid off when the Site Evaluation Committee voted unanimously earlier this year to deny Northern Pass a site certificate.

But make no mistake. Eversource is not giving up.

We know Eversource is already working with its allies such as the Business and Industry Association on crafting legislation to make it easier to get state approval for monstrous projects like Northern Pass.

That’s why knowing where the candidates for state office – Governor, Executive Council, State Senate and State Representative – stand on Northern Pass is so critical to preserving our victory over Northern Pass.

We know there are elected officials who are willing to carry Eversource’s water on these proposals.

Just last month in a speech at the NH Energy Summit, Gov. Chris Sununu said New Hampshire needs more energy infrastructure and it is taking too long for projects to get permits. He didn’t need to say the words “Northern Pass.” Everyone knew that’s what he was talking about.

And this past year State Representatives who support Northern Pass pushed for legislation to automatically grant a site certificate to projects like Northern Pass if the SEC doesn’t make a decision within one year. That legislation was only defeated by 30 votes in the New Hampshire House. They will try again next year.

Before you vote this November find out where the candidates stand on Northern Pass.

When they knock on your door seeking your vote or if you see them campaigning in your area, ask them whether they support or oppose Northern Pass.

Check out the answers candidates gave in response to a questionnaire from Protect the Granite State or if they haven’t responded. You can see their answers on our website by clicking here.

All our work to stop Northern Pass will be for naught if a the legislature and governor next year enact legislation that green lights projects like Northern Pass. You can prevent that by knowing where candidates stand before you vote.