Write your Legislators:  No on HB 1358

Next week your State Representatives will be voting on a bill, HB 1358, that will short-circuit the Site Evaluation Committee’s hearings process and make it much easier for energy projects like Northern Pass to get state approval. 

This legislation is being pushed by supporters of Northern Pass. If enacted, even big, controversial projects with far-ranging impacts like Northern Pass would automatically be approved if the Site Evaluation Committee doesn’t issue a decision by an arbitrary deadline. 

And no one should be fooled by the amendment the legislators behind HB 1358 offered – the end result will still be that projects like Northern Pass get an automatic green light if the SEC can’t meet an arbitrary deadline.

It’s important that you contact your State Representatives before Tuesday, March 6, and urge them to vote against HB 1358 and any amendments to HB 1358.

Use the form below to look up your legislators and write and send an email.