Laurie Sanborn

(R), Hillsborough 41

Office Sought:  State Representative



Do you support or oppose the construction of Northern Pass?

Candidate Response



Do you support or oppose the recent decision by the site evaluation committee?

If Oppose, should Supreme Court Overturn?

no response

Do you think the SEC process should be reformed to make it easier for large energy projects like Northern Pass to be approved?

No response

no response

If homes lose their value because of transmission towers and lines blocking views, do you think the developer should be required to compensate homeowners?

No response

Do you agree that the SEC should have the authority to trump municipal control of municipal roads?

no response

Do you believe energy projects sited in New Hampshire should primarily benefit New Hampshire residents?

Do you believe it is time to move away from Northern Pass and focus on developing different energy projects here in New Hampshire?

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